Providing professional cross border tax solutions for:

  • US expatriates living here in Australia
  • Businesses expanding into the United States
  • Australian citizens going to the United States
  • Australian citizens coming back from the United States

USTaxCentral connects the dots for you between Australia and the United States.

Our Services

US Expats in Australia

U.S. expatriates are subject to U.S. tax on their worldwide income and, as such, must file a U.S. return for all the years they are residing abroad. The many tax obligations for ex-pats, include Foreign Banking Reports, Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) disclosures, Foreign Trust Disclosures.

Individual Australian Tax Service

U.S. and Australian tax laws do not always align. This presents an evolving tax landscape as the laws are becoming increasingly complex. Being a tax resident of both the U.S. and Australia brings up double taxation risks and tax timing issues. We assist our U.S. expat population to navigate cross border issues in both counties.

Streamline Tax Returns &

Catch Up Tax Returns

It is never too late to file your prior tax returns. USTaxCentral Australia can assist you in filing your prior tax returns. This helps you to become compliant with the IRS as well as giving you peace of mind. We have assisted hundreds of U.S. expatriates living in Australia in catching up with their U.S. tax obligations.

IRA, 401k, Superannuation

When planning to retire, you must understand how pensions and lump sum payments you receive might be taxed. We can assist you navigate the complexities surrounding withdrawing your superannuation, or U.S. pensions.



If you are a non-resident alien or Foreign Company, ITIN’s, W8BEN’s & EIN’s are your keys to navigate your U.S. tax obligation seamlessly. We can assist you to get your ITIN & EIN’s as Certifying Acceptance Agent. We can also advise and help you complete Form W-8BEN’s for U.S. withholding purposes.

Doing Business in the USA

The United States presents great business opportunities. However, doing business in the United States can be challenging. 

Going to the US

Going to the U.S. is exciting. However, it comes with its challenges as more workers must wade through the intricacies of cross-border taxation. 

Cross Border Tax Services

All choices you make in Australia have a bearing in the US. It is therefore paramount to use a tax advisor who has a comprehensive understanding of both countries.

Australia Business Tax Services

Seemingly straight forward events can be complicated when you are dealing with two tax jurisdictions. Australia has a double tax agreement with the United States. We can assist with various U.S./Australian income tax matters.

Relinquishing Your US Citizenship

Relinquishing U.S. citizenship and the tax impacts of relinquishing U.S. citizenship are serious matters that involve irrevocable decisions. Contact us for further consultation before making any decision about  relinquishing U.S. citizenship.

Coming to Australia

Whether you are coming to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis, you will need to pay taxes if you earn income in Australia. You may also have a worldwide tax obligation to report your overseas income. At the same, your U.S. tax obligations continue.

US Property Investors

The U.S. provides great opportunities to invest in real estate. As a result, U.S. tax policy has an impact on the relative attractiveness of real estate as an investment class for non-U.S. investors. U.S. tax rates on capital gains, the taxation of the disposition of real estate (including FIRPTA provisions) and U.S. tax reporting requirements are often cited as examples of policies that may create obstacles to investment in U.S. real estate.