IRS Tax Catch Up Program

Streamline Procedures (My Get Me Out of Jail free Card)

It is never too late to file your prior tax returns. USTaxCentral Australia can assist you in filing your prior tax returns. This helps you to become compliant with the IRS as well as giving you peace of mind. We have assisted hundreds of U.S. expatriates living in Australia in catching up with their U.S. tax obligations.

There is no statute of limitation in relation to unfiled U.S. tax returns.  It is important that you contact us to help you catch up with your tax returns.

The streamlined filing compliance procedures are an amnesty program available to taxpayers certifying that their failure to report foreign financial assets and pay all tax due in respect of those assets did not result from willful conduct on their part. The streamlined procedures are designed to provide taxpayers in such situations with:

  • a streamlined procedure for fling amended or delinquent returns; and
  • terms for resolving their tax and penalty procedure for filing amended or delinquent returns; and
  • terms for resolving their tax and penalty obligations.

As opposed to filing tax returns as far back as you failed to file, all you have to do is file the last three years of prior year tax returns and six years of Foreign Banking Reports.

Hugo Black: "The United States has a system of taxation by confession."