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IRS Re-Opens The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

The Internal Revenue Services reopenned the offshore voluntary disclosure program to help people hiding offshre accounts get current with their taxes and announced the collection of $4.4 billion so far from the two previous international programs.

The IRS reopenned the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure  Program (OVDP) following continued strong interest from taxpayers and tax practitioners after the closure of the 2011 and 2009 programs. The third offshore program comes as the IRS continues working on a wide range of international issues and follows ongoing efforts with the Justice Department to pursue criminal prosecution of international tax evasion. The program will open for an indefinite period until otherwise  announced.

"Our focus on offshore tax evasion continues to produce strong, substantial results for the nation's taxpayer," said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. "We have billions of dollars in hand from our previous efforts, and we have more people wanting to come in and get right with the government. This new program makes good sense for taxpayers still hiding overseas assets and for the nation's tax system." Read more


Sign Up & Catch Up With Your Prior Tax Returns

Considering the IRS enforcement powers and the fact that the IRS re-openned the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, now is the a perfect time to catch up with your prior unfiled tax returns. Sign up for the Catch Up Program and receive a 15% discount on 3+ years at a time. 

We  successfully help a large number of individuals and businesses catch up with their US tax returns.

Falling behind filing your tax returns is really serious.

Note that the Australian government has a reciprol agreement to exchange information about  US citizens in Australia or Australian citizens in the US.

Here are a few of the consequences of failing to file your tax return:

  • IRS will calculate returns for you based on their estimates and assess the tax, interest and penalties accordingly.
  • IRS will take enforcement action even if you have not filed yet and  these can include freezing your bank account, placing a lien on your home and more. 
  • Severe interest and penalties.
  • Criminal Prosecution (In extreme cases)

In addition to these consequences, the longer you wait to file, the more  are more likely to pay penalties and interest.

If the IRS hasn’t contacted you or sent you a notice to file your returns, you may be able to file under the Voluntary Disclosure Program and avoid penalties and prosecution all together.

If you have received a request to file, we will get in between you and the IRS and help you get it filed. This will keep the IRS from coming after you in the meantime.

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